A trivia quiz on Finland.

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Kurkilampi Halostenvuorilla. Suonenjoki, marraskuu 2005.

This is a short trivia quiz with not so serious questions on Finland.

By taking the test you may, or may not, learn interesting facts about this small Nordic country.

BTW, if you, for some odd reason, should like this test,  there is another interesting quiz on Finland that you might want to try as well.


 A trivia quiz on Finland.

Finland is called the country of thousands of lakes. Do you know how many lakes there actually are?

The Finlandia Hymn,  a symphonic poem which was the symbol of Finnish resistance to the Russian rule at the turn of the 20th century, was composed by Sibelius. Do you know the first name of this world-famous composer?

To the music loving world's great surprise, a Finnish band Lordi won the the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006.  What was the name of their winning song?

Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, has inspired the author of one of the following international best-sellers. Which one?

The year 2009 was a historic moment for Finland as its national team beat Brazil for the first time. In what sport did that happen?

Who are the indigenous people of Finland?

John Morton is one of the best known persons of Finnish origin in the U.S. What is he remberered for?

Nils A. E. Nordenskiöld was a Finnish explorer almost totally forgotten by the world. What did do?

What is the national musical instrument of Finland called?

What is the average depth of Finnish lakes?

What did Nokia manufacture before becoming number 1 in mobile phone business?

Martti Ahtisaari is one of the best known contemporary Finns in the world. What is he famous for?

Which of the following IT brands was not created by a Finn?

Aki Kaurismäki is Finland’s gift to the film-loving world. What makes him second to none is that he is regarded, by both critics and film directors all over the world, as one the best contemporary film makers. His newest film (2011) praised at the Cannes film festival was elected as Finland’s nominee for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. What is the name of this film?

What is the national animal of Finland?

Why did Tim Kopra, an American astronaut with Finnish roots, refuse to receive a sauna offered to him by Finpro, an organization that helps Finnish companies to operate on the international markets?

Which of the following statements concerning a Finnish sentence “Aja hiljaa sillalla” (Drive slowly on the bridge) is true?

What is the national sport of Finland?

Finns’ innovative minds seem to know no limits – Especially when it comes to sports. In recent years Finns have organised several world championships that have no equivalents in other countries.
Below, you can find a list of “different” world championships of which all but one are Finnish inventions. Can you tell which is the one that isn’t Finnish?

1939 to 1944, Finland had to fight twice against the Soviet Union to stay independent, which it did eventually. Here are four little known facts about the two Finno-Soviet wars. One of them, however, is incorrect. Which one?


  1. Pekka S

    Todella vaikea kysely, mutta hyvin tehty. Herättää ajattelua. Ihan suomalaisena moni meni oikein silkalla päättelyllä ja tuurilla. Lisäksi moni helpompi meni väärin huolimattomuuden takia. Jos tästä saa 7 oikein ulkomaalaisena, niin se on jo mielestäni hyvin. Minulla meni 6 väärin.

  2. Frank

    Interesting that JOHN MORTON has a Finnish background.
    Finland has a rich history despite the size of her population.

  3. Rafia Ur Rehman

    I am not surprised with my performance as Finland is new to me as a country and i want to learn about it.

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