A Trivia Quiz on Finland #2


This a short trivia quiz with not so serious questions on Finland. By taking the test you may, or may not, learn interesting facts about this small Nordic country.

Before going on to the quiz, please watch and listen to the video below.




The song you just heard was an example of Joiku (pronounced yoi-ku), a special form of singing found basically in Lapland only. Do you know or can you guess where its roots lie?

The Song Swan is the national bird of Finland. But how Finnish is it actually? How many per cent of the E.U. population of this beautiful bird nest in Finland?

The Finnish language is not alone in the Universe. Do you know which one of the following European languages is related to Finnish?

In 2002, German scientists came up with very interesting information about Finnish people with blonde hair. Can you guess what they had found out?

Raahe is a small town on the west coast of Finland. Its town museum is famous for its very rare treasure. Can you guess what it is?

It has been said that Finnish, thanks to the fact that virtually all the words take different forms according to the context in which they appear, is one of the most difficult languages in the world, which may or may not be true.

What makes the learning task of everyone interested in Finnish a bit easier is the fact that, compared with English where there are a countless number of exceptions to almost all grammatical rules, the grammar of the Finnish language has basically no exceptions.

Another thing that facilitates the learning task of any foreigner interested in speaking is the fact that every written letter always has very much the same phonetic value regardless the context where it appears.

Let’s take the word ‘hääyö’ (wedding night), what would a Frenchman say if his beautiful Finnish bride wrote it on a piece of paper?

The northern lights, i.e. the aurora borealis, is a natural phenomenon known by every Finn. Can YOU tell which of the following statements is true?

Nordic walking is something that has become extremely popular in Finland in recent years. Not to mention that it has gained more and more friends all over the world. Do you know what it actually is?

Sofi Oksanen is definitely the best known contemporary Finnish writer. To date, she has won all the most important literary awards in Scandinavia. In addition, she was awarded the Prix du Roman Fnac in France in 2011. What is most remarkable about it is that she is the first foreign writer to get this prize.

Sofi Oksanen’s best known novel ‘The Purge’ was published in Finnish in 2008 and has now been translated into several languages. Can you guess how many?


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